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Semynozhenko Volodymyr Petrovich
Chairman of National Fund of Social Protection
of Mothers and Children "Ukraine to Children".

Semynozhenko Volodymyr Petrovich was born on June 9th, 1950 in city of Kyiv, in a family of a military man. In 1961 he moved to Kharkiv, where he completed a physical-mathematical secondary school.

Scientific Path in Brief

1972 graduated with honours from Physicotechnical Facility of the Kharkiv State University.

1974 defended Ph.D. thesis.

1984 became a Doctor of Physicotechnical Sciences

1988 Professor

1992 Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Carrier Path in Brief

Bigining 1985, Mr. Semynozhenko worked as General Director of All-Union Research-and-Production Association "Monocrystal-reactant" which, under V.Semynozhenko's initiative, has been transformed into first Academic Scientific-Technological Concern "Institute of monocrystals" National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1995.

From 1996 V.Semynozhenko is Supervisor of Studies of this unique Center of High Technologies.

In 1994, the residents of Dzerzhinskiy's region of city of Kharkiv elected Mr. Semynozhenko a Member of Parliament of Ukraine.

An operating time in the Supreme Counsil of Ukraine he has played an appreciable role in elaboration and adaption of the Constitution of Ukraine.

He initiated development and adaption by the Supreme Counsil of some the important bills on reformation of systems of social security, science and education.

With 1996 for 1998 - he was Minister for the first time created in Ukraine the Ministry of Science and Technology, a member of Presidium of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In 1998 he was elected to Parliament of Ukraine from Kharkiv for a second time.

From August till December 1999 - he was Vice-prime Minister of Ukraine. Staying on this position, he became one of initiators of reformation of pension benefits and healthcare.

With the beginning of 2000, after the termination of powers of the Government of Valery Pustovojtenko, he returned to parliamentary activity: He was Head of State Committee of Science and Formation of Ukraine.

From June, 2001 till November, 2002 Volodymyr Semynozhenko was Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine in A.K.Kinah's Government where he concentrated an attention to questions of Social Policy improvment, the further introduction of health care and pension reform, creation of innovative principles of development of national science and manufacture.

Heads the Commission on the organizations of activity of Technological parks and innovative structures of other types, the Supreme Counsil of the Ukrainian Fund for Fight against HIV and AIDS, National Coordination Counsil for Fight against Narcotics, other government authorities/offices/bodies and social organizations whose activity is directed on the solution of the most challenges of social and humanitarian sphere of Ukraine.

V.Semynozhenko is one of founders and the first heads of the most numerous and most influential political parties in Ukraine, The Party of Regions. Chairman of National Fund of Social Protection of Mothers and Children "Ukraine to Children", heads Fund "New Names of Ukraine".

Today, Volodymyr Semynozhenko's activity is concentrated on implementation of innovative-investment projects within the framework of Technological park "Institute of monocrystals", distribution of "the Kharkiv model" innovative development in other regions and enterprises of Ukraine, and also in work of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and North-Eastern Science Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
V.Semynozhenko is the author of more than 500 scientific works and inventions and holder of tens patents. Among well-known books what recently have been published in Ukraine are the followings:

• "About the main thing",
• "Ukraine: a Science and Innovative development",
• "Energy and a life. Ecology and the future",
• "The Policy of Time",
• "Innovative strategy of the Ukrainian reforms" and others.

V.Semynozhenko is twice winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in the fields of Science and Technology, the possessor of the International Prize in the fields of nuclear physics. He is awarded with awards "For merits" I, II and III degrees.

Mr. Semynozhenko is married, has two sons.