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Mrs. Kuchma Ludmila Mukolaivna
Honourary President of the National Fund of Social Protection
of Mothers and Children - "Ukraine to Children".

Was born on 19 June, 1940 in Ural (Russian Federation).
Education: engineer-mechanic.

Mrs. L. Kuchma had been working as an engineer in the construction bureau of the manufacturing society "Pivdenne" (Dnipropetrovsk). She'd been actively involved in the work of various social organizations.

Since 1996 Ludmila Kuchma has been engaged in the charity work.

The National Fund of the Social Protection of Mothers and Children "Ukraine to Children" was founded in 1996 on the initiative of the government and social organization and with the support of the Decree of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Ludmila Kuchma was elected to become
Honourary president of the Fund.

In 2000 Ludmila Kuchma was elected for the position of the Head of the Tutorial Council of charitable Fund "Hope and Kindness".

The boundaries of the charity work are being extended with every year. We can observe the growth and the diversity of the services that had been implemented recently on the different social levels.

Owing to the activity of Mrs. Ludmila Kuchma, hundred thousands of Ukrainian children got the opportunity to improve their health, the living conditions and all-round development. Thousands of Ukrainian children, especially those who suffered from the Chernobil accident, had a chance to have rest in the health resorts of Israel, Spain, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Lebanon, Cuba, etc.

With the support of Ludmila Kuchma the Fund managed to organize numerable meetings with fascinating people, to provide tickets to the concerts with the prominent masters of the stage, to make reasonable financial input for many children from the boarding-schools, orphanages, children houses of family type, for families of many children as well as broken families from the regions all around Ukraine.

Ludmila Kuchma is taking an active part in different international conferences and summits, which aim at solving various problems of humanitarian nature.

In 1999 the spouse of the president of Polish Republic Yolanty Kvasnevska invited Ludmila Kuchma to participate in the conference on l;Children's Rights, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Convention of General Assambley of UNO, presenting a program "Lets Safe the Children's Smiles in the New Millenium".
In 2003, Ludmila Kuchma took part in the first summit for "first Ladies" of Central and Eastern European countries under the title "Health of woman. Cancer of thrush gland", which was held in Zagreb (Croatiya).

Since 2001 annual Children's creative

International festival "Make the world better" has been conducting under the patronage of the first Lady of Ukraine in the world-known International children's center "Artek". The aim of the festival is introducing the young audience to the culture, traditions of different nations and creating the new world without war and violence. In 2003, when the forum got to its closing point, their was a call from 14 foreign delegations to UNISAF and to heads of the state government with the plea for the children's diplomacy support, to create conditions which would allow children to establish friendly relationships.

Since 2000, Ludmila Kuchma has been supporting Paralympics movement in Ukraine. Besides, she patronizes Ukrainian Paralympics handicapped' scratch teams.

In 1998 for her active role in charity, Ludmila Kuchma was awarded with the Order of St. Ann of the first degree of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in 1999 - she got the Order of St. Stanislav of first degree with the Ukrainian signia of honour, in 2003 - she was awarded with the international Order of St. Nicholas the Wonder-Worker 12 May 2004 - with the help of the talented young people, the honorary title of "Special Messanger of UNESCO on the development and assistance of the young talented people" was conferred on Ludmila Kuchma.

Moreover, Ludmila Kuchma was awarded with the wide variety of less significant for the publicity but not less important for herself, Ukrainian and International awards.

Hobbies: music, folklore, art, literature.

She has a daughter and two grandsons.